The GlideStep Pads (4PCS Pack)
The GlideStep Pads (4PCS Pack)
The GlideStep Pads (4PCS Pack)
The GlideStep Pads (4PCS Pack)
The GlideStep Pads (4PCS Pack)
The GlideStep Pads (4PCS Pack)


The GlideStep Pads (4PCS Pack)

Introducing the GlideStep Pads! It is the perfect and new way to have fun by sliding on any surface! Whether the floor is carpet, concrete, wood, and much more, the GlideSteps allows you to glide effortlessly! These pads work with any shoe and transforms it into a gliding masterpiece that is incredibly fun! Slide into the exciting year of 2023 with the GlideStep Pads!







The GlideSteps

Introducing the newest and most fun way to move around your home, the Glide Step shoe pads! These innovative pads attach to the bottom of your shoes and allow you to glide effortlessly across hardwood floors, grass, carpet and much more. 

Key Benefits

The key benefits of the GlideStep pads are endless! Our team of engineers specifically designed the product to for our customer's experience and overall satisfaction. Here are some of the ways wearing the GlideStep pads can elevate your lifestyle!

Improved Balance

The GlideSteps can improve your balance.


Any shoe will be compatible with the GlideStep Pads.


Made with high-quality and anti-friction materials, the GlideStep pads are everlasting.

Very Fun

The GlideStep pads is a perfect way to have fun anywhere you want to!

               Best Practices

Our pads are designed to work on any surface, whether it's hardwood, tile, carpet or even grass. The secret is in the special material used in the pads. It's a unique blend of materials that provides a smooth and low-friction surface, allowing you to glide effortlessly on any surface.

Glides smoothly on hard rock!

Our Customers

Read actual testimonials from happy, loving clients of the GlideSteps. We are so grateful to have customers who believe in our product and have seen the exciting benefits it can provide. See for yourself the difference the GlideSteps can make in your life!

About The GlideStep Company

In the year 2020, a team of engineers were looking for a solution to a problem they were facing in their daily lives. They realized that many people love gliding but struggle to glide on hard surfaces like tile, concrete, and hardwood floor. The team, with a passion for innovation, decided to come up with a solution that would make moving on these surfaces much easier and more enjoyable. As a result of 3 years of research, GlideSteps was finally made!

Stay Glidin', Stay Happy

Living 'happily ever after' is just an 'add to cart' away. Make the exciting switch to live an active lifestyle effortlessly and stay all good, always. Your shoes will thank you for the GlideStep pads and you will feel the ultimate satisfaction!

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Rozella Gulgowski

I bought these stickers for my husband as a joke, but he ended up loving them. He uses them all the time and is always trying to find new surfaces to slide on


Arrived within 2 weeks. Arrived well packed. These rubber pads are great! I've put them on my shoes and started gliding without problems. Thanks!

Nathen Jenkins

Excellent and quality goods. The GlideStep pads have completely revolutionized my cleaning routine. I used to dread having to clean my hardwood floors, but now it's like a game of Mario Kart. I put on my pads, and I'm gliding around, dodging obstacles and making cleaning fun. I even caught my kids trying to join in on the fun. I highly recommend these pads for anyone who wants to make cleaning a bit more enjoyable.

Savanna Nitzsche

very very good

Dfg Dfg

All well